24. Tinamastes Artisan Market


If you are on the lookout for cool souvenirs, organic produce, artisan crafts, alternative medical products, homemade canned goods and hot sauces (and MUCH more) you MUST check out FERIA TINAMASTES. Every Tuesday between 8.00 – 12.00, the Tinamastes Salón Comunal in Tinamastes transforms into a surreal space where you will discover all kinds of things you did not know about but suddenly you ‘absolutely must have’!

The market is protected under a roof – so it is on rain or shine.


The market is located in the town of Tinamastes, on the highway between Dominical and San Isidro, at about the half-way point (distance wise). Just the drive there is spectacular as you climb the coastal mountains with amazing views in all directions. At Tinamaste’s elevation of 750 metres (2500 feet) the air in noticeably cooler and the refreshing mountain vibes dominate.

The market is located half-way, distance wise, between Dominical and San Isidro. Source: Google.

The market is located right off the highway. Plentiful parking is available on both sides of the road though if you get there late you may have to go on a bit of a walk.

Parking is available in front of the market hall and all along the highway shoulders.
Parking along the highway shoulders.


The hall is full of vendors selling hand-made products, crafts, plants and organic produce. We saw crystals, candles, all kinds of art, cakes, jewellery, huge variety of sauces, honey and other jarred and pickled items, incense, cacao and chocolate products, medicinal plants, never-before seen herbs and spices, all kinds of plants and seeds, plentiful fruits, veggies and berries…the vendors were very knowledgeable and keen to share their insights and tell you about their products.

Heather browsing the fresh produce sections.
Heather looking at a selection of artisan earrings.
Gems, crystals, birthstones and more!
Nuts, spices, dried herbs.
Heather picked up a nice Peruvian purse.
Mediterranean dips.
We both made away with some excellent spicy hot sauces. My favourite purchase of the day!
Close-up of the hot sauce selection.
Baked goods.
So much variety here.

I must also note that the items are of a very high quality – this is not your typical side-of-the-road stop. The art, crafts, jewellery and other offers are very unique and would make great gifts or special occasion purchases.

Toilet facilities are provided inside, for a small fee so bring some spare change with you.

Toilet facilities, early 2023 price was 200 Colones.

Outside the hall, hot and cold drinks and food items are available.


For more information, to confirm opening days and hours, and check on any upcoming special events at the markets check out the Feria Tinamastes Facebook page and photos which show the variety of products available for purchase:


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- July 21, 2023

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