In Uvita, right on the side of the costanera, you will find a perfect little burger and wings joint – whether you wish to dine in or pick up a takeaway bag, you know you will be getting a great quality meal, and quickly! Well known amongst the locals, Five Maes is a little restaurant with an amazing reputation.


Five Maes sits along the costanera, in the ‘Plaza Pacific Pools’ building, just south of the Marino Ballena entrance road. There is more than enough parking in the gravel lot right in front of the restaurant.

The views extend towards the costanera, a perfect place to ‘car watch’ as large tanker trucks, stacked 4WDs, old pickup trucks stuffed with too many horses, massive cattle trucks and colorful buses come barreling through. Above the highway a green hill covered by lush tropical growth reminds you that, in Costa Ballena, you are just one step away from wilderness.


The inside of Five Maes is reminiscent of a typical American diner – low and high seating is provided, and white, black, grey, red and orange – tiled splashback surrounds the space. A full menu is displayed over the ordering counter. AND a bonus – you can pay here using BITCOIN! You will see quite a few businesses (and roadside signs) in the area advising of Bitcoin friendliness.


Five Maes is famous for their variety of delicious burgers and chicken wings – but also offers sandwiches, chicken strips, poutine and milkshakes.

The burgers are made with high quality meats and are of a great consistency, even when full of ingredients and numerous extras. The fries and onion rings were cooked to perfection. Plenty of sides and special ingredients are available so that you can truly customize your burger to your liking – and ensure that no two visits are the same!


We only ordered the standard ‘cold beer while we wait for our order’ and ‘cold after-meal beer’ – the beers arrived promptly and sufficiently chilled.


Of course – sometimes we all get a craving for some good old American-styled meals, whether burgers and beer or wings and beer – and since we drive by Five Maes many times each week, chances are that our regular visits will continue uninterrupted!

Our local area has been declared a culinary center of Costa Rica, right here in our little jungle communities! The variety of foods, amazing ambience and decors and great service from the dozens of local eateries add a touch of modernity and class that visitors often don’t expect to find in our area – yet here it is! Imagine living here and experiencing both the wilderness, pristine beaches, lush jungles and tropical animals AND modern luxuries and amenities that provide a sharp contrast that keeps your life here interesting, engaging and full of variety – it all starts with an email or phone call to RE/MAX We Sell Paradise – visit them here https://www.we-sell-paradise.com/.

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- July 13, 2023

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