22. Jungle Waterfall land showing


Plenty of our properties are surrounded by jungles and, in many cases, covered by primary or secondary growth forests – as is the property that was being shown today. WELL…this amazing piece of land, composed of twin adjacent properties, is huge, green, and wild, offering not only an encompassing lush jungle but also a refreshing river and a waterfall/swim hole combination – what an offer!

The waterfall, river and refreshing swim hole.

A mid-day showing is, usually, a hot and sweaty affair. Light clothing is recommended but today the team is bringing gum boots and sturdy shoes as the piece of land is huge and the clients are keen to see the most interesting corners. Some of these corners require a bit of a walk along steep and slippery hillsides, surrounded by towering trees and protruding rocks and roots, so the typical sandals are not advisable!


The team met the potential buyers along the way and led the way to the properties. The road leading up to the plots is unpaved but in very good shape. The surrounding scenery made for a picturesque drive and in no time we parked next to huge RE/MAX advertising sign which featured a photo of the waterfall, provided a map of the two properties and allowed for a bit of a planning session. The well-defined boundaries of the land lie between a river and a public road.

Road leading to the properties.
Road leading to the properties.
Inspecting the map and planning the inspection.


Once we climbed a small hill Heather, who is the agent responsible for this listing, headed down a steep slope in an attempt to find a track that will lead the clients to the waterfall, our first stop. The way down was fairly steep and damp with plenty of obstacles but well worth it: we slowly settled into a valley where the river fell over a steep cliff into a swimming hole that, I am sure, will see much use in future days. The feel of the cool air was refreshing and the sound of the waterfall and river afforded a quick moment of peaceful reflection.

Climbing up the first little hill.
Heather scouting for the best path down to the waterfall.
Descending, through the jungle, down to the waterfall.
The waterfall, river and swim hole, in a jungle-covered valley.


After a quick stop at the waterfall we climbed back up to the vehicles and drove down along the property boundary. A flat section adjacent to the public road was inspected, a perfect place for a house. We then walked down the hill towards the end of the road – the road terminates at the river and goes no further.

Descending towards the end of the road.
The end of the road and a boundary of the property.

We were followed by a family of golden-fleeced dogs one of which was more than happy to go for a quick dip in the cool river. At this point the clients were in a bit of a hurry so we scampered back up to the cars where Heather and Ben answered a few quick question, and we were off – back to the office – with a quick stop in Ojochal to grab some cool refreshments!

A curious dog inspecting the inspections.
A few curious dogs decided to follow us, this one got a but too warm and took a refreshing dip in the river.

Imagine having natural attractions like jungles, rivers, swim holes and waterfalls in your back yard – a place to cool off, recharge and touch base with Mother Nature under a surreal surrounding. We can help you make this dream come true – and it is much easier and quicker than you may imagine! We have properties with backyards of jungles, rivers, waterfalls, mountains, farms, pastures, lakes, orchards…just ask! Visit RE/MAX We Sell Paradise website to view those and other hot properties in our local area: https://www.we-sell-paradise.com

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- July 11, 2023

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